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One of the beauties of life is to create and be vulnerable. I use every word to challenge my own thoughts and write to inspire others. These writings are dedicated to the teachers that said I needed to find my voice. 

*Guaranteed to put out all of the feels.

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via Elite Daily

via Elite Daily

Tobi Blog

As one of the contributors for Tobi Blog, an extension of Tobi.com, I wrote weekly articles on the trending news in fashion, entertainment, LA hot spots & more.

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Elite Daily

My first published piece of writing that changed my life in more ways than I can imagine.

With time, practice, and subconsciously proving myself to be better, I was able to write a piece that was able to reach an unimaginable audience and encourage them to be selfish.

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I write on Medium! Okay... sometimes I do.

Check out my random blurbs, life lessons, and late night thoughts.

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