April Merlas

never so serious | life ponderer | natural light photographer

I’m not a woman trying to find herself. I embrace knowing who I am in the world and work on becoming better everyday as my life's mission. 

I have a degree in Public Relations from San Jose State University and have always been curious to gain more knowledge about life. I enjoy creative expression in fashion and anything behind the scenes while currently indulging in the everyday ‘likes’ of connecting using social media as a visual medium.

I enjoy being silly and being an emotional freak that feels way too much about love, life, friends, and family and take pride in being vulnerable to the world. I truly find real success lies in being grateful for what you have and I owe it to myself to give inspiration back in all of the forms it was given to me.

Whether through my experiences in the Bay Area or through my travels, there’s always another adventure to find if you trust your own magic in the world.

Thanks for checking out my inspiration! Enjoy it, it's free!